Mission Grant Scholarship

AMT is pleased to offer mission grants to people looking to pursue either an Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry or a Graduate Certificate of Arts with ACCS.


The Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry online course provides students with the opportunity to study for ministry at an introductory level enabling them to gain the foundational knowledge, skills and abilities required to serve in a ministry or mission context.

Entry Requirements

  1. Have completed year 12 or equivalent

  2. Mature age and special entry requirements are available for those who have reached the age of 21 and can show evidence of being able to successfully study at this level

  3. Have sufficient English to pass the entry English test (equivalent to IELTS 5.5)

The Subjects

  1. Critical Thinking & Writing (Tertiary Skills)

  2. Biblical Interpretation (Bible)

  3. NT Introduction (Bible)

  4. Introduction to Theology (Theology)

  5. Nature and Mission of the church (Theology)

  6. Global Missions (Ministry)

  7. World Religions (Ministry)

  8. Intercultural Ministry in Australia (Ministry)

  9. Church Planting (Ministry)

  10. Or other Bible, Ministry or Theology subjects

Choose 4 Subjects: 1 Bible Subject, 1 Theology Subject, 1 Ministry subject, and 1 other


Progress to a Diploma of Theology or a Bachelor or Theology or Ministry degree with 4 subjects credit.


The Graduate Certificate of Arts online course is designed for tertiary level graduates who desire to develop their knowledge and skills within specific areas that will enhance their participation in diverse aspects of Christian ministry and mission.

Entry Requirements

  1. Have completed year 12 or equivalent

  2. Professional entry is available for those who do not hold an undergraduate award (conditions apply)

  3. Have sufficient English to pass the entry English test (equivalent to IELTS 7)

  4. Have completed a Bachelor Degree

The Subjects

  1. Biblical Interpretation

  2. NT Introduction

  3. Introduction to Theology

  4. Nature and Mission of the church

  5. Global Missions

  6. World Religions

  7. Intercultural Ministry in Australia

  8. Church Planting

  9. Or other Bible, Ministry or Theology subjects

Choose any 4 Subjects


Progress to a Graduate Diploma of Arts or Master of Arts degree with 4 subjects credit.

AccessTruth aims to help you to tell God’s Story clearly anywhere, through the provision of free tools for people, churches and teams sharing Truth in a multi-cultural world. 

Based on theological convictions (the primacy of the local church) and practical considerations (what works best for equipping church workers), the training model keeps candidates in their communities, study/work contexts and, most importantly, functioning in their local churches. This allows church leaders to be vitally involved in every step of the equipping process. Comprising of 250+ tutorials divided into 9 modules, the Cross-cultural Essentials Curriculum package provides essential tools for sharing the Gospel in light of God’s grand Narrative – the Story of the Saviour and why He came.

Available for free through the AccessTruth website, all tutorials can be accessed by video, audio or print options. Individuals can work through the curriculum independently, but it is designed ideally for churches to nominate one or more trusted mentors to track with participants as they engage in the discussion questions and assignments in each tutorial.

Find out more over on AccessTruth’s website:

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