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Fire destroys property in Wewak (see Carol Luttah Day 21) - With the loss of the generator and damage to the electrical systems, the help of a qualified electrician is needed to support and encourage the team on the ground as they respond to this situation working to restore the power supply with emergency generators. Please contact Walter on 0431614635 or email if you can help in the immediate response in Wewak. 

Kaitlyn Baird, (Mexico, DPG Day 4)

I arrived in Chihuahua on the 5th of January and was picked up by friends who served with our family in the Philippines and are now working in Mexico. I am sharing an apartment with another teacher serving at the school. Emily is from Venezuela. She has already been such a blessing to me and I am so grateful that God has put us in Chihuahua at the same time. I am teaching grade 3 and 4 at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it.

Larelle Smith, (China/HK, DPG Day 6)

Kei Kei’s foster parents will have a meeting with the foster organisation and their representative today to discuss and find out more about why they will not match her or give her a chance on the panel. Please pray for us and for Kei Kei, that God will impress His heart for Kei Kei on all the people involved and they will find a good match for her.

Liz Pfeifer, (Thailand, DPG Day 8)

I have now completed ten subjects in my B. Applied IT course. My current subject is Cybersecurity Fundamentals, so very relevant to my work. The current focus in my Thai classes is on reading, comprehension, and writing.  I do need more conversation practice now.

Daniel & Candide Weekes, (France, DPG Day 17)

We're in the middle of our winter family camps. Praise God for all the discussions and questions with the families. Pray for health and stamina for the team. Praise God that we have so many great volunteers this winter to help with various aspects of the program and service. 

Carol Luttah, (PNG, DPG Day 21)

Last Friday was a trying one for us at the Head Office in Wewak. One of our properties together with the generator room were burnt to the ground due to a fire that spread from a neighbouring property. The wind was so strong it made all efforts hopeless. Our main office building was partly on flames and was put out just in time. We are emotionally drained and still reeling from the event. Thankfully there were no injuries or casualties in all the properties involved. The missionary community from, Liebenzell Mission, New Tribes Mission, Samaritan Aviation and MAF swung in action for the fire & rescue efforts as well as the massive clean-up that is still ongoing. The very same week we had a good forex boost that enabled us to settle some huge bills. Additionally, the long awaited Kisim Save kits had just been dispatched from the publisher. We payables have lots to be thankful for at the end of the day.

Les & Kay Loader, (Specialist, DPG Day 25)

Les is leaving on a prearranged trip to Goroka (1 day) then Wewak (9 days) and Lae (7 days). In God’s providence it is timely that his visit coincides with the aftermath of the recent fire. (See Carol Luttah’s report). Pray for Kay - Religious Instruction is underway in the 2 schools Kay coordinates. She has 6 classes a week and relishes the opportunity to tell children about the Lord Jesus.


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