Prayer Matters is published every Tuesday.

Louise Bryar, (Brazil, DPG Day 3)

Pray for Louise as she continues in ministry and is still grieving the loss of Gary. Pray for her Monday afternoon online bible study with women of the church, her Wed morning study with leader’s wives and Friday discipleship course with 2 ladies. She asks for prayer for the two weeks of camps in July Winter Vacation at Camp Bethel, also that the Lord may continue to strengthen and comfort the Bryar family.

Trevor & Manoli Allan, (Spain, DPG Day 19)

Since we have been able to officially open the Albergue in April, we have received more than 300 pilgrims coming from all over the world...France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Argentine, Japan, Sth. Korea and even NZ and Australia. What really encourages us is to be able to serve the pilgrims in a place where they all say they find rest and peace, and many have been spiritually touched and some have prayed to receive Jesus. Pray for wisdom as we reach out to these pilgrims who God is bringing from all over the world to us.

Carol Luttah, (PNG, DPG Day 21)

Please pray for grace though the challenges we continue to experience in PNG. We have been experiencing flight disruptions due to shortage of jet fuel thus hampering travels between shops. I am trusting God for volunteers with building and construction skills to assist with repairs in the Lae property as we work towards moving our Head Office there. Pray for speedy outcome of the work permit for the new Ugandan Finance Admin. Pray for my safe travels to Adelaide at the end of this month for the Gospel Renewal Conference from 27th - 29th June.

Jon & Janet Mitchell, (PNG, DPG Day 21)

Due to ongoing medical tests needed for Janet, Jon has returned to PNG alone. Pray as he settles into the culture and language again. Pray for a better diagnosis for Janet. Pray for the church in New Hanover. Also, they share there is a huge need for volunteers at the NTM guest house in Kavieng. Ideally it would be for 6-8 week period, looking at helping run 3 units in the small guest house. NTM could help organise volunteer visas. Please contact if you are interested.

Ian & Leann Buckley, (Specialist, DPG Day 22)

We thank the Lord that the Tata has been running great since coming back from the Tata workshop last time. We have done trips up to the villages in Sindhupalchowk and to Kathmandu, with no issues, PTL! Thanks for praying!

Jan Badcock, (Restricted Access, DPG Day 28)

Pray for Jan as she prepares for a (possibly) final trip to Central Asia in Sept, to check the translation of Leviticus. She is doing a lot of review and reading in preparation for this.

Paul & Fenny, (Restricted Access, DPG Day 28)

We thank Father for a new opening to enter another village where our frontier people of interest live. I (Fenny) have been going almost weekly to 2 villages to run a fitness group for the elderly. The nurse in one village told the chief of this other new village (T) about me, and the chief is keen to meet with me and have me volunteer at village T as well. Please pray for this meeting, that Father will prepare the way and that a very good connection with this other chief will form. Please continue to pray with us for the friend who has been keen to join me but her family has still been having visa problems. Please pray for the visas they need and for clarity of mind about their ministry. 


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