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Ukraine Appeal Report

September 2023 update: AMT has been able to pass on gifts for Ukraine and refugee aid totalling AU$226,023 since March 2022.

In 2022 AMT shared the concern for the many displaced Ukrainians with the AMT support and prayer network. An initial support payment of AUD25,000 was released from the AMT Overseas Disaster Fund in March 2022. Subsequently, gifts have been received from Australian donors totaling AUD143,071. This response was truly encouraging and demonstrates the genuine concern of Australian churches for the plight of those affected by this tragic war in Ukraine.

These funds have been sent to partner organizations like Echoes International in the UK and GLO Romania. They have people on the ground and good structures of accountability and due diligence.

“This week, a team from the Kairos Mission School loaded three vans with parcels of food, warm clothes, blankets, and more. Thanks to AMT and GLO Australia donors, the transport will reach the Ukrainian-occupied region of Donbas, where fighting is ongoing with many stranded civilians caught in the crossfire.” Each parcel contains: 2kg sugar, rice, flour, maize, 2 liters sunflower oil, 500 gr salt, 2 packs pasta, 4 tins of different meat, 1 Bible, 2 tracts each for adults and children, sweets, 2 toys, 1 box of tea. These are basic supplies, yet they are desperately needed as many of these communities are completely cut-off from normal life.

With winter setting in and the power supply affected in most towns the need for blankets, sleeping bags and generators is becoming more apparent. AMT was able to send another AUD50,000 in December 2022 from the Overseas Disaster Fund to help with this immediate need.

The Romanian volunteers are grateful for the gifts and support so far. “We are hoping we can send more sleeping bags and generators within weeks. With supply chains disrupted even these are hard to find.” Suppliers as far as the UK are now taking orders to help alleviate the dire need for warmth and electricity.

It will be some time before the support can switch from “Relief” to “Rebuild & Repair.” Nevertheless, the local leaders expressed a deep desire to start thinking about the future. Please pray with us that peace would be restored soon and pray for wisdom and discernment for all those involved in the aftermath. Meanwhile, families continue to cry out for warmth and supplies. Please pray for ways and means to continue our partnership with those sacrificially crossing the border to help.

The AMT Overseas Disaster Fund is an ongoing project and accepts gifts which AMT will pass on every month to those on the frontline.


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