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International Training Project

train ONE ... feed MANY

In many places around the world, the gospel has taken root and there are a growing number of churches. However, specifically in majority world countries, local Christians often lack access to pastoral, leadership and Bible training, that is essential to ensure the growth, maturity, and future of the churches. In a number of countries, there is a real threat that government legislation will close churches because pastors and leaders do not hold any form of accredited training. In response to this overwhelming need, the Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) and IBCM Network together with its training arm the Brethren Training Network (BTN) have joined together in a commitment to strengthen leaders worldwide through providing quality training. The work has commenced in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda, and will soon begin in Ethiopia. Please Pray with us as we seek to continue to grow this important ministry.

Dr David Smith
International Director
IBCM Networks & ACCS


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