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From the Field

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Field Matters

In 2019 we are focussing on-field ministry updates from some of AMT’s Christian workers. We will celebrate their successes and praise God for the progress in their ministries — translations completed, people saved, new software developed. We will be challenged by their setbacks and disappointments, and pray that God will grant them the wisdom, strength, and patience they need to overcome obstacles — resistance from those of different beliefs, visa and other administrative delays, sickness affecting family or co-workers.

In the editorials, we will examine some key areas that impact on missionaries, their families and their ministries, as well as the colleagues with whom they work and the people whom they serve. There are certain ‘givens’ which apply to all Christians: solid grounding and growth in God’s Word, an active prayer life involving spouse, children, and co-workers, and regular fellowship with other believers. We will see how personal integrity matters — to be faithful, dependable, honest and accountable matter to God’s good steward. Interpersonal relationships matter, they need to be developed and nurtured — just as our relationships with God and fellow believers need love, care, and growth. An important component of being in a strong relationship is empathy, which especially matters when people are struggling and suffering. Sometimes you may find all you can do is listen — and an empathetic heart is important to provide the stamina to sustain the relationship during difficult times.

In order to power on in the Christian walk, and in Christian service specifically, having the right attitude, focus and perseverance matter when it comes to building a resilient servant of God. How we think and react to different situations matter. What and Whom we fix our eyes on matter. The source of our strength matters, to keep us pressing on when struggles and crises arise. An important way of preventing premature burnout, and for maintaining wellbeing so that we can consistently give our best, is to get enough rest and strike the proper life balance, which is crucial for spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health.

I hope this year you will have a better appreciation of what our missionaries are doing in their respective fields, as well as the qualities they need to sustain them on the field — with the help of God, your prayers and the practical aid and gifts of supporters, family, and friends.

Editorial by Andrew Chan


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