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Mission of Missionary Training

We are on staff at one of the National Bible and Missionary Training Colleges in Asia Pacific. Since 2016 we have been based in New Zealand and doing trips back. This has been intentional so that our three children could adjust to ‘western culture’ and settle into adult life. We will be leaving our three young adults in New Zealand and returning full time to the Training centre in early January 2019.

The training centre offers a four-year course. The first year-and-a-half is Bible study, starting with Genesis and looking at the major themes through to Christ’s death and resurrection. Then the students study Acts and the epistles. They have six months in their home church, serving in any way they can. Then, if the church agrees, they come back for two years of mission training. The mission training includes classes on learning an unwritten language, translating Scripture, starting a health clinic, church planting, teaching literacy and many other relevant subjects. All classes are taught by a team of teachers (usually two and sometimes three). Simon teaches several subjects in all the year levels. During the time in New Zealand, Simon has been writing Bible commentaries in the national language, which have been received very well. He plans to continue to work on the commentaries as time allows. I (Ann) love to encourage the students and enjoy working with the children on campus.

We are really very thankful for your prayer support! Would you please pray for our young adults to be well prepared to manage life without parents close by when we return to Asia Pacific? Also, I know that the students at the Training Centre covet prayer, especially the 12 new students that started in August 2108. Some may be struggling with the Indonesian language (as they have their own language from their own people group), some may struggle with the academics, some may struggle with the practical work, and some may be plain old homesick (which can be quite debilitating). All of them need prayer for good health, good friendships, and resources to live, to learn well and to be equipped for ‘good works’ (2 Timothy 3:17).

By Ann & Simon Pyatt


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