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The Year In Review

The last 12 months have held many changes for us! We have had two months in Australia visiting churches and family. We returned to Timor-Leste to new roles for us all. Jason has become the Country Director for MAF Timor-Leste, which has decreased his time in  the plane somewhat, but has increased his responsibilities significantly. Organising clearance papers for customs, visas, the recovering of the hangar roof, and a million other details like this are now his concern. He oversees three international families and national staff working here now. Kim’s life has changed, too,  as she is now home-schooling their son Sam four days each week, going to the disability centre once a fortnight, and trying to make sure there are enough care packages for the medevac patients we transport on our planes. We are so thankful for those who support us financially and pray for us regularly, allowing us to work and minister here in Timor-Leste.

We continually see God’s purposes for us here in Timor, and we are excited by the opportunities He gives us to speak of Him and love people in practical ways. We are excited about a Tetun translation of ‘The Big Picture’ Children’s Bible that is being published, and we are considering how we can use this as a tool for teaching many about Christ. We are thrilled by the new organisations which are using our aircraft to help the people of this country in ways that will improve their health and education. We are eager  to see how we can use Wi-Fi technology to share Christian resources with the people around us. We are excited to consider how MAF here might be able to employ more staff and possibly train up Timorese people in the aviation industry. We are praying about how we can try to unify Christian workers here in Timor-Leste so that we may be able to encourage each other and work together more effectively. There is much to be thankful for and lots of interesting possibilities on the horizon!

Jason and Kim Job


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