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So you're interested in missions and ready to try a short term trip. Or you've already experienced it firsthand and want to go for a longer term. Initially there are three groups that you can talk to:


They will surely be pleased to know of your intentions and will encourage and support you in your endeavour. They may also be able to suggest possible contacts with regards to potential areas of service with your particular gifts, skills and enthusiasm in mind.


AMT's database can provide you with further contact details.


For prospective candidates, the State Team will be able to provide you with information about the application process, and can provide you with questionnaire forms, one each for you and your elders.

"Am I suited for the environment?" I hear you ask. Missions Interlink's Transition Training might be very useful in your decision-making – at least it will be eye-opening and challenging! Missions Interlink (MI) offers an intensive course called Maximum Impact Language Learning, which is designed to help people develop the skills, methods, techniques and attitudes necessary to learn another language. MI also offers 4-day short-term training and 2- or 3-day re-entry retreats.

If you’re interested in short-term mission opportunities, please check out the GLO/AMT collaboration

AMT Terminology

An 'enquirer' is a missions-minded person who first makes contact with AMT about becoming a missionary.

A 'candidate' is an enquirer who has been through the application process, which includes assessment by the local church and State Team re qualifications, suitability, etc. and has the approval and support of the commending church.

A 'missionary' is a candidate who has reached the mission field, and is then published in the DPG.

"I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth." - Acts 13:47


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