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African Flood Relief

Our heartfelt thanks to all who have given towards and prayed for the flood relief situation in Rwanda, Uganda and surrounds. The Christian Brethren church networks in both countries have few resources and greatly appreciate the assistance provided by our Australian churches.

In May 2023, 130 deaths, 77 injuries (36 transferred to health facilities) and 5 missing people we recorded. Approximately 5174 houses were damaged, with a further 2510 houses at risk. National roads, water supplies and water treatment plants were damaged and unable to function, and several health facilities were inaccessible due to surrounding damage. 1541 people were evacuated and hosted at 11 sites (churches, schools, neighbours). This disaster has also impacted the lives of many of our Christian Brethren (EIR) brothers and sisters.

September 2023 update: AMT has been able to pass on gifts for flood relief in Rwanda totalling AU$48,850, and Uganda totalling AU$56,800, since May 2023.

To date, AMT has responded with support payments of AU$38,000 from generous donations and the Overseas Disaster Fund. Another AU$30,000 has been drawn from the Overseas Disaster Fund to assist with the Ugandan relief. These funds have been passed on to contacts on the ground.

If you would like to contribute towards this ongoing relief effort, please find donation options on our Donate page. There will be no administrative deduction on these gifts, as we seek to demonstrate the Lord’s love tangibly.


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