"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
- Matthew 18:20

A Day in the Life Of The McKenzies

3 1024x768By Lindsay McKenzie

7:00am An urgent text message comes in from Mihail, the director of the Betel work in a closed country in Central Asia. “Please pray for Sasha, the men’s house leader in ________. Three days ago he left the house to do an errand and has disappeared. His family have not heard from him and his room is how he left it. All his clothes are in the wardrobe. He is not answering his phone. It all points to a kidnapping, which is common is this country, where people are seized off the street and forced into slavery.” Myk and I immediately stop what we are doing and pray, sending a text message of support back to them.

8:00am Today is my turn to do the devotional message for the men here, so I walk the 200 metres to the men’s residence. We are gradually going through the Gospel of Matthew. The devotional has to be pithy and relevant to men who, though currently in a drug rehab community, often come from a prison background and are hardened by the experience.

8:30am I set off with CW, who has a court appearance in Dandenong. Myk gets ready to take MG, one of the other residents, to his dental appointment. CW has been bailed to us and the Magistrate may or may not put me on the stand to testify in his favour. Normally this can take up the entire day, but today we are blessed and his case was up first. By lunch time we are back in the community and celebrating the second chance the Magistrate gave him. No prison while he remains in our community. MG is finally getting the dental care he has been putting off for years. Antonio C, the men’s program director, takes out a team of men to maintain the gardens of the clients who have booked them. Priscila goes into the office to pay bills and organise the accounts.

1:00pm CW and I feed the hay out to the cows and then together we collect and split firewood. Whilst doing this, CW all of a sudden opens up about his life. Up until now he has been a ‘closed book’, but today’s court appearance and the Magistrate’s unusual compassion left him amazed. He won’t say “God” but he is aware that Someone had to be watching over him. He then asks for a Bible.

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