• Broken Pieces

    Broken Pieces

    As a young believer, I had the habit of writing in the front of my Bible any sayings I came across which I felt would Read More
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    Until The Whole World Hears - 22/6/19

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    Piano Lessons

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    People Just Like Us - 15/6/19

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    The Christian Brethren Archive

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  • Serving Him

    Serving Him

    In today’s ravaged and ever-changing society, one’s heart is encouraged in knowing that our Lord and Saviour is the same yesterday, today and forever. Sadly, Read More
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My grateful thanks to all who uphold me in prayer, and for those who take the time and trouble to write. Receiving news of individuals and assemblies is always appreciated.
As 2017 came to an end, the Lord enabled us to organise a special meeting, and most of the believers were very diligent in inviting folk to attend. Although many didn’t accept the invitation, over 20 unsaved came under the sound of the gospel, and we continue to pray for these that they might come to a saving knowledge of the Truth.
With the Lord graciously granting us a New Year, new privileges and responsibilities are before us. I’ve already had opportunities of sharing the gospel again with two women who are contacts I’ve had for years. They have been the object of many prayers and yet they continue to be blinded to the truth of saving grace. Two other women, who were in fellowship in the assembly many years ago, have invited me out for meals recently. I trust the Lord is working in their hearts and we might see them restored to Him.
Ladies’ Bible studies here in Armenia, and also in the nearby town of Montenegro, have resumed once more. I’m concerned with the lack of serious personal study amongst the ladies who are believers. This tends to be a failure even amongst the brethren in the assembly.
On a Saturday afternoon, here in our home, Jorge is conducting a class for children from the area, and he has had an encouraging response so far. He has a good relationship with the parents too, and frequently shares with them as well.
Visiting our elderly sisters is difficult and requires patience as three of them have quite serious memory loss. So far they all recognise me, and respond to the reading of the Scriptures for now, but at each visit one notices the progression of their condition. Their care-givers need our prayers also.
As I seek to assist with study guides for the assembly Bible study, I ask you to pray for wisdom that I might be able to prepare simple plans that will really be of help to the believers in their understanding of the subject under discussion. Pray, too, for the brethren leading these studies, that they might have clarity of thought and presentation of the truths they are sharing.
The needs are great; labourers are few; but the Lord promised not to leave us comfortless or orphaned. The work is His! We are encouraged to “Run with patience…looking unto Jesus.”

Gail Thomson


As a young believer, I had the habit of writing in the front of my Bible any sayings I came across...
'Till the Whole World Hears' Kings Park Community Church 10am - 3pm Speakers Include: Dr Allison...
My son Zac entered his piano exam room and handed his books to the examiner. Zac expected the...