"Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching."
- Ecclesiastes 10:10

HOYTBy Richard and Anne Hoyt, Chad

Thank you for your vital part in praying for us and the work in Chad. We are presently on home assignment for nine months and are looking forward to being in Australia from January through to mid-March 2018, and hopefully reconnecting with many who are praying for us and the ministry in Chad.

Rich continues in his role as field leader overseeing TEAM’s 30+ missionaries in 11 ministry initiatives around the country. These include established and new outreach ministries through community development, and building relationships in any way possible in areas that are predominantly M. The people we reach include those in the south-east corner of Chad, on the eastern border with Sudan (including some Darfur refugee camps), in the far north near Libya and in desert regions 10 hours north of N’djamena, the capital city. Other initiatives seek to encourage the Evangelical Church of Chad through the training of pastors for the 3000+ churches, literature production, women’s ministry, and the training of teachers in Christian schools to integrate a biblical world view into their classrooms.

Anne is involved in ACACIA, a ministry to vulnerable women in N’Djamena. After several years of building relationships with women on the streets, in July 2015 we opened the doors to the ACACIA centre, a safe place where these wounded women can find Hope, Healing and a Future through Jesus Christ. Though still small, the ministry is growing both in numbers and challenges. This ministry exposes the dark side of the culture, the deep spiritual bondage of many through promiscuity and the occult. A discipleship counselling program was written to confront the lies that the women believe with the transforming freedom of the Truth — Jesus Christ and His Word. A holistic ministry, we also seek to provide other ways for the women to earn a living through making soap and cards and learning to sew. Please pray for others to join us, both men and women, as we reach out to these hurting women and the men in their lives.


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