"Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching."
- Ecclesiastes 10:10

HOWELLS Paul Debbie 1024x898Paul and Debbie Howells, Philippines

Our ministry is changing, but it is a good type of change, brought about by growth and maturity in the churches and our desire as spiritual Dad and Mum not to get too much in the way of their growth. That is why we are here, setting up in a new place and working through all sorts of new experiences and unknowns, instead of going back ‘home’ to Lapoc where we could so easily fit right back in to where we left off.

It is a little bit like being ‘empty nesters’ (which also happened to us this year) and when you undergo such a dramatic change in life and in roles, it leaves you feeling unsure, faltering a bit, wondering what your part is now — and that is a good description of how we feel some days.

Two days ago, some of the Bible teachers were on their way to an outreach and they stopped by to pick up something. They couldn’t stay but told us they would stop by for longer next time if they can. It made us feel a little bit like parents watching their children head off in their own direction, waving to them as they go. There’s something sad but beautiful about growing out of a role.

There are also other changes: we’ve been away for three years while Jubab finished high school and we worked on the translation, and since we’ve been back we have noticed how quickly false religions have moved into many of the areas where our churches are. This is another change — one that is difficult, but is also making the people in the churches consider carefully where their faith is resting.

We are glad we are here to help the churches through these new challenges and to help the church leadership prepare the new generations. In the years ahead the children will grow up and will be the new leaders in the churches and they will need to hold on to the truth in a world where false doctrine is flourishing. More than ever there is a need to guard the young ones and continue to ground them in the Word and remind them of the great things God has done. If we don’t teach them truth, the enemies of the gospel will teach them lies. Someone is always teaching our children.

The need to finish the translation of the New Testament is more pressing than ever! Please pray with us as we look to the Lord to finish this within the next one to two years.

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