"Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching."
- Ecclesiastes 10:10

TAN John Remy 800x699John and Remy Tan, Specialists

We have had an amazing time since coming to Victoria to serve at the Wycliffe National Centre. Thank you for praying for us during the difficult times and rejoicing for what we were able to achieve.

We teamed up with Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia with a vision to reach out to people from all over the world in their own languages. We are not linguists, but Wycliffe saw our usefulness. We moved to the National Centre after getting our prayer and financial support team together.

Renting accommodation here eased our adjustment, and we settled quickly in this new environment. The office and school are within walking distance. Both Remy and I found our places with our respective teams quite quickly. Remy fitted well in her role at the Finance Office, especially since they needed a new team member soon after our arrival. Her past experiences working with FEBC and CMS Australia has helped tremendously. John’s recent Masters course and range of experience prepared him in his role as ICT generalist. He sees many challenges, in areas like web programming, database functionality, systems integration, cyber security and systems analysis.

Initially, we encountered several setbacks. For example, Remy’s brother in the Philippines passed away, so she had to make a trip to be with her family. John had cataract surgery and he needed to learn to use contact lenses and apply eye drops 3 times a day. He also suffered a shoulder injury and was in pain for several months. Remy’s doctor advised her to watch her diet and blood pressure.

However, we do not feel bad about these setbacks; the Lord has been faithful in seeing us through. God has blessed us to be part of a team who love Him. Thank you for praying, caring, giving and supporting us in these efforts.

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