Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

-  Colossians 4:2


Alan and Isabel Knott (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Pray for Alan as he receives therapy twice weekly. An artery to his heart has blocked again but he can’t have surgery. Pray that he has opportunity to get an Australian visa for Isabel with help from the embassy in Chile. Pray for the presidential elections on 27 May. Pray for the annual Regional Elders’ Conference to be held at Bet Sean from 2 to 4 June. There are some legal changes which are concerning, so pray for wisdom from the Lord. Pray for the growing work in Libano, Tolima. Pray for the ministry of Gabriel Contreras (Ibague) and Giovannia Patiño (Mariquita) as they care for younger believers.

Edward and Ruth Smith (Venezuela, DPG Day 6)
Continue to pray for their Venezuelan visas to be processed soon. Pray for Ruth’s knee and back problems, and Edward’s back pain, Parkinsonism and cataracts. Pray for them as they faithfully minister in Venezuela and, when possible, Colombia. Pray for relief from food shortages and failing infrastructure. Pray that the economic and political situation will improve soon.

Jubab Howells (Philippines, DPG Day 10)
Pray for Jubab as he prepares to travel on 1 June to Denver for pre-field training for Japan. Pray for safe travel to and while in Japan, where he will minister to Japanese youth. Pray that he will have wisdom from God and that he will grow and be shaped by Him even as he serves. Pray that God will show Jubab where he fits best in his ministry to the Japanese young people.

Jason and Kim Job (Timor-Leste, DPG Day 12)
Pray for Kim to have creative ideas as she writes articles about MAF Timor-Leste and how they are helping people. Pray for Jason to have wisdom, patience and perseverance as he leads the MAF Timor team and as he liaises with government departments.

Murray and Leila Lydeamore (SA, DPG Day 13)
Praise God that Murray continues to serve as Chaplain among Cycling Australia high Performance athletes, staff, and their families. Praise God for opportunities to speak at churches, dinners and other meetings. Pray for a safe and productive trip as Murray traces the childhood history of Dr Don Nicholls and visits China later this month. Pray for Leila to find someone who can take over from her as KYB Regional Coordinator.

John and Kathy Harris (Netherlands, DPG Day 14)
We give our deepest condolences to John and Kathy and their families on the passing away of his father last Friday. The funeral is on 18 May. Pray that they have the Lord’s comfort in their time of grief and loss.

Ian Stacy (ex-PNG & Australia [Service], DPG Day 27)
Pray for Ian as he has palliative care for spinal cancer. Pray for reduction of pain and good control by medication. Pray that he will continue to be mobile with a walker.

Bruce Young (new worker for Spain)
Pray for Bruce as he waits for approval of his visa by the Spanish Consul in Sydney (he has approval from Spain). He is scheduled to leave for Spain on 23 May, where he will meet with Trevor and Manoli Allan

These items are sourced from emails and other communications received from cross-cultural workers.
The workers are identified by the day number in the current AMT Daily Prayer Guide.


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