Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

-  Colossians 4:2


Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
Pray that the leadership of the Evangelical Church of Chad (EET) will be able to bring about reconciliation and peace between the six dissenting church regions (annexes) and the rest of the EET before April’s postponed national council meeting when the new leadership is selected.

Phil and Sandy Jones (Mexico, DPG Day 5)
Pray for Sandy who has had removal of stage 1 cancer of the tongue. Pray for the surgeon who will do further surgery on her tongue as well as biopsy surrounding lymph nodes. Pray that there is no spread of the cancer. Pray for God to give the family, including Romi and Joshua, strength during this difficult time. Pray for them to trust in God through this trial.

Edward and Ruth Smith (Venezuela, DPG Day 6)
Pray for them as they plan to start a local church in Yaracal on 18 February. They are also having regular Bible studies. Pray for Ruth’s knee pain and Edward’s back pain to settle down.

Paul and Debbie Howells (Philippines, DPG Day 10)
Praise God that Jubab has been accepted into the internship in Japan (May to August). Pray that these three months will be a time of mutual benefit for Jubab and the people he befriends.

Elizabeth Pfeifer (Philippines, DPG Day 11)
Pray for Liz who’s in Davao for a Bloom training workshop. Pray that the participants will gain the skills to train others, as well as have the opportunity to create sample materials and templates in their languages. Pray for her as she attends meetings in Thailand (March) and Indonesia (April).

Jason and Kim Job (Timor-Leste, DPG Day 12)
Praise God for a safe return to Dili, Timor-Leste, after a time in Australia at the end of 2017. Praise God for all our supporters, financial donors and churches who partner with us. Praise God for our new home, a landlord that has fixed the leaky roof, and thank God that the disgruntled former guard has stopped throwing rocks on our roof throughout the night. Pray for Jason as he settles into the new role of manager over the MAF Timor-Leste staff. Pray for wisdom for him as he learns new procedures and how to deal with government officials, and balances new responsibilities with flying and family life. Pray for Kim as she home-schools Sam this year. Pray for wisdom for her to discover what best motivates Sam and how to balance being Mum and teacher.

Bill and Nicoletta Quinert (Italy, DPG Day 14)
Bill has been forwarding daily gospel messages and distributing gospel calendars to friends — pray that this will bear fruit. Pray for Bill and Nicoletta as they join a team of volunteers in April to once again visit Farzad’s refugee centre in Athens. Pray that this will be an encouraging time for the refugees, and that they have the opportunity to discover Christ.

Walter and Gabrielle Wetzel (PNG, DPG Day 18)
Pray for Walter and Gabrielle as they prepare to leave their role with CBM in PNG to take up a new role with an Euro-focussed mission. Pray for patience and clarity in the process as the family prepare for the next big cultural transition. Also pray for clarity and candidates for the role they leave behind at CBM — the choice of a General Manager successor continues to be elusive.

Chris and Judy Ayers (Specialist, DPG Day 19)
Praise God that the Ayers family have settled into life in New Zealand. Pray for them to have wisdom and a good real estate agent as they sort out housing issues, like water leaks in their house. Pray for Chris and Judy as they adapt to their new roles as National Directors of Pioneers NZ and as they get to know their colleagues. Pray for the first orientation program next week with three new missionaries. Pray for the safety of a missionary serving in a volatile area. Praise God that Toby, Boaz, Zarah and Trinity have started school and appear to be adjusting well. Pray that the Lord will lead the family to a church where they can both be supported as well as contribute. Pray for opportunities to reach out to new, unbelieving friends Prasangie, Subash and Meviru.

Wendy Strachan (Specialist, DPG Day 22)
Pray for Wendy to travel safely as she leaves on Thursday for the SU Leadership Experience in South Africa. Praise God that all but two LE participants have their visas – one will get it this week and the other is unlikely to get it due to political issues. Pray that these six weeks will be a time of encouragement, learning, blessing and community for the facilitators and the participants. Pray for their safety, and pray that they will be stretched in terms of ministry ideas and strategies, as well as find time for rest and fun. Pray that Wendy’s mum will be fine and chirpy while she’s away.

Jono and Marie (Restricted Access, DPG Day 24)
Praise God that the two sick children recovered well. Praise God that local health authorities responded quickly to the situation, which was probably due to poisoning from contaminated wheat.

Trevor and Manoli Allan (Spain, DPG Day 15)
Pray for the first team of young people that is arriving soon to spend three weeks with Trevor and Manoli. The team includes people from Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina and Chile. They will be involved in all of the activities of the two churches, as well as helping with the social work and also evangelising on the streets and in the market places. Trevor and Manoli will be running several outreach events and a small mission conference with the help of the short-termers. Pray God will work in their lives as well as those they meet and evangelise. Pray that God will break down all barriers to the spread of His gospel.

John and Sharon Thomson (Specialists, DPG Day 22)
Pray that John’s recent dental treatment will be successful and leave him trouble-free for a long time. Pray for Sharon as she gives a talk to ladies at their local church on Saturday. Pray that she will know what God wants her to say, and that the message will bless those who attend. Pray for John and Sharon as they decide on the replacement of their air-con unit and the installation of solar panels.

Simon and Anni (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
Pray that Simon will be able to use the feedback he received recently to publish his commentaries.

David and Stacie Coates (new – Restricted Access)
David is Principal of Promise An International School. One of the key teachers at PAIS, a Filipino lady who teaches Science and English to Cambridge IGCSE level, is expecting and, with miscarriage threatening and other complications, has been ordered to cease work indefinitely and immediately. She will return to her homeland as soon as she is well enough, while her husband, the School Operations Manager, will stay on. PAIS urgently need a replacement teacher who can cover the lady’s classes until the end of June.

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These items are sourced from emails and other communications received from cross-cultural workers.
The workers are identified by the day number in the current AMT Daily Prayer Guide.


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