Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

-  Colossians 4:2


Byron and Lyn Johannesen (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Pray for new believers Roscio, Monica and Carmen as they grapple with their new faith and the challenges it can bring in their lives in Acevedo. Pray for the Lord to work in the lives of Julian and Viviana, who have separated. Pray that the Lord will continue to build his fledgling church in Acevedo.

Phil and Sandy Jones (Mexico, DPG Day 5)
Queretaro wasn’t affected by the earthquake. Pray for Phil and Sandy as they help Romina through difficult patches of adolescence.

Ian and Leann Buckley (Nepal, DPG Day 9)
Praise God that they have signed a five-year renewable lease for the coffee shop building in Dhulikhel. Pray that Ian and Leann will also find a suitable house to rent in Dhulikhel.

David and Julie Ward (Philippines, DPG Day 11)
Pray for the Palawanos, who have been taught the beliefs and practices of the early church in Acts, to have open hearts and clear minds to understand God’s Word. Pray for David and Julie to travel safely to Menti on 12 September, returning on 9 October.

Doug and Faye Jones (Australia, DPG Day 13)
Praise God for attentive listeners at RE lessons this week.

Seng Hock and Luba (Restricted Access, DPG Day 26)
Pray for teacher J who has led some colleagues to faith. Pray that she will have a similar impact in her new work location. Pray for S & S as they train to become missionaries. They plan to go to Thailand.

Postal Survey
Although the ‘marriage equality’ postal survey isn’t legally binding, make sure you have your say about how you want Australia to be. We can neither depend on our politicians to know what we want nor trust their choices — we have this opportunity to send a clear message to them. ‘Marriage equality’ is a smoke screen — this is again about pushing the gay agenda. Consider, for example, how change in the marriage legislation may have a knock-on effect (as it has overseas) and negatively impact the ministry of pastors and other Christian workers listed in the DPG. Pray that God will be glorified through the unity of His people. Pray that Christians will be bold in their own networks and speak up over this issue, and not just rely on the ACL to be our mouthpiece.

These items are sourced from emails and other communications received from cross-cultural workers.
The workers are identified by the day number in the current AMT Daily Prayer Guide.

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