Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

-  Colossians 4:2


Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
Praise God that Lydia is recovering in hospital. Pray for her and her children today as they go to court — pray for justice. Pray that her husband will no longer be able to harm her again. Pray that Lydia’s faith in God will strengthen and grow. Pray that a safe place can be provided for her. Praise God that Naomi’s health has also improved. Pray for Rebecca, who attends the Acacia discipleship counselling program, as she suffered additional emotional trauma by being wrongly blamed for ‘causing’ a relative’s death. Pray for God to comfort, strengthen and protect her, and pray for Naomi to have opportunities to talk with her. Pray for Pastor Paul, the president of the Evangelical Church of Chad, whose US speaking tour has been delayed while waiting for his Canadian visa — pray that he gets his passport today. Pray for the rearrangement of his itinerary and that he can still bless others by sharing about his life and ministry in Chad.

Fiona Thomas (Cambodia, DPG Day 7)
Pray for Fe Dequito, a Filipino missionary to Cambodia, who has returned to the Philippines to start chemotherapy for cancer. Pray for her recovery, and for her husband Noel and their boys as they finish up in Cambodia.

Ian and Leann Buckley (Nepal, DPG Day 9)
Pray for Mahima, a young girl from a believing family, who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Pray for her treating medical staff and her healing.

Jason and Kim Job (Timor-Leste, DPG Day 12)
Praise God for their visas and relatively peaceful elections. Praise God that Jason will be Program Manager/team leader of MAF Timor-Leste from January 2018. Praise God for opportunities to follow-up medevac patients and encourage their families. Pray for Kim as she home-schools Sam in term 4.

Daniel and Candide Weekes (France, DPG Day 14)
Praise God for how He has worked in people’s lives during the summer camps. Pray for the Weekes family as they return to Australia for home assignment in a couple of weeks. Pray for safe travel. Pray that they can have a time of refreshment as well as reconnection with family and supporters.

Chris and Judy Ayers (Poland, DPG Day 15)
Praise God for their new roles as National Directors for Pioneers New Zealand. They will be running the Pioneers office in Auckland, as well as providing missional training and biblical teaching in churches, training new missionaries, and caring pastorally for current missionaries on the field. Pray for Chris as he’s attending meetings now in Honiara (Solomon Islands) with key church leaders from several Pacific island nations and with other regional Pioneer leaders to discuss Pacific missionary mobilisation. Pray for the Ayers family as they meet with PiNZ staff later in September and investigate housing and schooling options in Auckland. Pray for Chris as he attends Pioneers International leaders’ planning meetings in November.

Noela Elvery (Specialist, DPG Day 20) and Julie Loudon (Specialist, DPG Day 21)
Praise God for the ongoing Filipino audio ministry which is in capable hands. Praise God that Larry is now working five days a week at Safe Haven; praise God that David and Cherie Snellgrove (Philippines, DPG Day 11) have provided this opportunity. Pray for Acira and Berocan in DR Congo to travel safely as there is much rebel activity on the roads in the current political situation, when there is increased instability and unrest. Pray for the safety of children and teachers as they return to school in September. Pray for Way Alege as he travels between Bunia, DR Congo, and Uganda with responsibilities in both places. Pray that use the required software to complete his PhD. Pray for Noela and Julie to have health, strength and discernment of the Lord’s will in many of the decisions they need to make. Pray for Noela to travel safely while visiting former colleagues and friends in the USA. She returns on 9 October and Julie will join her for the Hervey Bay missionary rally.

John and Remy Tan (Specialists, DPG Day 22)
Pray for Janelle who turned 13 on 1 September. Pray that she will grow deeper in faith and that Christ will shine in her life. Also, pray for wisdom and parenting skills for John and Remy now that Janelle is in her teenage years. Pray for John who has added a couple of other projects to his list of things to work on at Wycliffe. Pray for Remy who continues to study her online course. Pray for energy, concentration and healthy balance between family, work and studies. Pray for strength for Remy and the Finance Team, and for wisdom in prioritising competing tasks while two of the team are away on sabbatical leave.

Ben and Lara (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
Pray for them as they settle back to life in NSW, where Ben is leading a Muslim outreach team. Pray for two discovery Bible study groups in their former country of service. Pray that the ladies will grow in their understanding of the Truth and that they will continue to encourage each other in the faith.

These items are sourced from emails and other communications received from cross-cultural workers.
The workers are identified by the day number in the current AMT Daily Prayer Guide.

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