Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

-  Colossians 4:2


Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
Pray for ‘Lydia’ and her lawyer as they work towards getting custody of her children and freedom from her abusive husband. Pray for God to deal justly with her husband. Pray for Naomi as she shepherds Lydia during this difficult time. Praise God for a good report from the surgeon about Rich’s back. Pray for a clean bill of health from medical checkups during their furlough.

Byron and Lyn Johannesen (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Pray for their ageing parents in Australia. Praise God that Lyn had some quality time with her father. Pray for her mother who has had bleeding and loss of vision in an eye. Praise God that Alissa is recovering well. Praise God that the church in Tulua is going well. Pray for the believers in Acevedo and Dagua, and the Bible Institute. Pray for Juan Carlos to break away from Roman Catholicism.

Alan and Isabel Knott (Colombia, DPG Day 5)
Pray for Sandra Velasquez, the Registrar of Public Documents in Santa Rosa de Cabal, who asked Alan to pray for her in her stressful circumstances. Pray for her salvation as well as alleviation of her stress. Pray for Jair, a homeless man who has had a tumultuous life, to whom Alan was able to recently witness about Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will soften his heart and that he will accept Jesus as his Saviour. Pray for Alan as he takes baptismal studies, and pray for those who will be baptised soon. Pray for Alan and Isabel to have a happy time when Alan’s siblings Ailsa and Gordon visit them in mid-August. (NB: ‘Isabel’ is preferred over ‘Gloria’)

Andrew and Anne-Marie Ferguson (Mexico, DPG Day 5)
Pray for them as they are in Lajas, possibly for the last time. Pray for the Tepehuan to have Christ-focussed hearts as they are presented with the Wordless Book. Pray for the Fergusons as they leave Mexico for Canada in two weeks’ time. Thank God that most things have been sorted out for their transition. Pray for a good rental house and suitable schools for Julian and Sophia. Pray for Madeline as she has a number of English assessments to satisfy University of British Columbia.

Ian and Leann Buckley (Nepal, DPG Day 9)
Praise God they have safely returned to Nepal. Pray for them as they look into their options because they were only given a 30-day tourist visa.

David and Julie Ward (Philippines, DPG Day 11)
Praise God for the 26 people who were recently baptised. Pray that they will continue strong in the Lord, and will have ongoing opportunities to reach out to their families and friends.

Darren and Meredith Lydeamore (South Australia, DPG Day 12)
Pray for Darren in his role as Maintenance Support Manager for MAF International. Pray for CASA to approve the Timor-Leste MAF facility as a permanent maintenance location. Pray for the timely modifications of two Cessna 182s for service in South Sudan and Chad. Pray for the assessment and training of a suitable Chief Engineer for MAF Chad. Pray for Meredith in her work as a SWD (Students with Disabilities) teacher.

Murray and Leila Lydeamore (South Australia, DPG Day 12)
Pray for Murray as he provides support for staff and riders during a difficult transition period. Pray for a former coach whose health is rapidly deteriorating from Motor Neurone Disease. Pray for his wife during this hard time too. Pray for Murray as he prepares to speak in January 2018 in Taiwan at a five-year memorial service to acknowledge the 40-year ministry of Dr Don and Margot Nicholls.

John and Kathy Harris (Netherlands, DPG Day 14)
Praise God for their permits that allows them to stay in the Netherlands indefinitely. Pray for the ITeams Europe Conference from 14 to 19 August. Pray for progress with the Safe Haven as renovations are completed and ministry plans are made. Pray for the diagnosis and healing from seizures of the daughter of an ITeams Netherlands worker. Praise God for an encouraging short-term missions trip to Bosnia by John and Thousand Hills College students, where they helped run the kids’ program of a church plant.

Tim and Merryn Fawssett (UK, DPG Day 15)
Pray for Tim and Merryn as they pack and prepare for relocating from the UK back to Australia in December, for the recruitment and settling in of a new CEO of The Feast, and for finding God’s direction for their lives and work in Brisbane. Pray that the whole family, especially the children, will cope well during this transition. Pray that school places can be found for Rosie and Sam. Our deepest condolences to Merryn on the passing away of her grandmother in New Zealand.

David and Win Knight (Victoria, DPG Day 15)
Pray for David to have safe travel as he does outreach and teaching in Austria and Romania. Praise God for the safe arrival of David and Win’s first grandchild, Elliot Ivy. Pray also for her parents Katie and Dave.

John and Remy Tan (Specialists, DPG Day 22)
Pray for John and the team as the services they use on their website and in their banking systems change, and pray for them as they negotiate their way through these changes. Pray for Remy, who has been accepted to study a Bible translation course online at Melbourne School of Theology in partnership with SIL Australia. Pray that Remy will learn and interact well in an online environment. Remy hopes to be involved in the translation of KYB English lessons to Tagalog after doing the course. Pray also for Remy and the Finance team as they share the workload while some of the other team members are away.

These items are sourced from emails and other communications received from cross-cultural workers.
The workers are identified by the day number in the current AMT Daily Prayer Guide.

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