"The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out."
- Proverbs 18:15


AMT partners with churches to educate, motivate and facilitate Christians for global mission.


AMT is a comprehensive service organization caring for Christian workers sent out from Christian Brethren churches. AMT provides pastoral care and practical helps to workers and seeks to educate the local churches at home of their responsibility in world mission.


In Australia, AMT represents a worldwide fellowship of workers who are engaged in evangelisation, church planting and Bible teaching, along with Bible translation, education, medical care and training of nationals in Christian ministries. AMT also maintains links between Christian Brethren churches and all workers from those churches who serve cross-culturally in mission through other evangelical agencies.


AMT considers strong links between the worker and sending church as being essential. Therefore, AMT recognises and accepts a candidate only when the relationship between sending church and prospective worker demonstrates a sound basis for responsibility and accountability. Recognising that ultimate authority rests with the local church, it is expected that direction to the candidate or serving worker will follow consultation with AMT and with field leadership.

By faith, AMT and the churches look to the Lord to provide the needs of the workers in their joint care. AMT receives gifts from churches and individuals and distributes these monies in the support of workers. Supporters are kept informed of workers' prayer needs. AMT assists in induction and orientation training, pastoral care and re-entry/re-settlement.


AMT believes that every ethnic group must be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ, and that the Lord's Great Commission is the shared responsibility of all Christians.